Empower Your Realtors

manage information

Keep on top of all the information

Emails, phone calls, text messages, lists of clients, listing details, print sheets, brochures, brokerage systems ... keeping organized is a challenge for real estate agents.

Successful conversion can only happen through consistent engagement and timely follow up. The less time Realtors spend on organizing their agendas, the more time they can spend interacting with their clients.

You might already have a Customer Relationship Management system, or operate from spreadsheets and paper notes. Our solution will help you get more organized and more connected to your clients.

mobile application for realtors

Empower your Realtors

  • Manage your clients, from anywhere
  • Seamlesly Manage client's real estate search
  • Monitor client's activity and engagement
  • Recommend new listings, from anywhere
  • Integrate with your favourite MLS research tool
  • Integrate with your CRM system
  • Save time and effort