Boost Client Engagement


Clients are actively looking for real estate information

Research shows that potential clients start looking to buy or sell long before they engage a real estate agent. Current market statistics, neighbourhood research and even word of mouth help shape the client's expectations.

Providing clients with the real estate information they are looking for is a great trust builder. This creates a 'sticky engagement' where clients will continuously return learn more. Once ready to engage further, you and your brand will be on top of their mind.

Automating this early engagement via digital tools makes it easy on you the real estate agent, so you can focus on growing your business and work with well informed clients, ready to buy or sell.

Digital engagement strategy creates familiar interaction for the client. Checking on favorite real estate listings or Facebook or Instagram posts should feel the same.

  • Quick with 1-2 minutes interaction
  • Highly personalized to client's needs and budget
  • Frequent with daily or weekly engagement
  • On the go from a bus stop to a lunch break
  • Organized with ability to keep track
  • Educational and always current
  • mobile application

    Boost client engagement

  • Become the trusted search engine for your clients
  • Provide continous stream of up to date MLS listings
  • Organize MLS listings for optimal engagement
  • Personalize the listings to client's needs and budget
  • Create ability to track favourite listings
  • Create notifications of price changes
  • Put your brand front and center
  • Seamlessly engage via Text or Call